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 Player and GM Rules

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PostSubject: Player and GM Rules   Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:11 am

Player Rules:

These rules must be read carefully. Dont follow them and you will be punished.

1- No Killing in Safe Zones like Yamcha's House, Supreme Kai's or King Kai's
2- Do not death avoid by logging off.
3- Do not avoid the filter
4- Do not kill dead people.
5- No multii-keying allowed, if you are 2 different people playing go talk to a GM so the Admin can test you both and will give you a ­™ in your name so no other GM boots you for MK.
6- Do not dis-respect anyone.
7- Do not abuse any bugs, report them to an enforcer.
8- Do not advertise on this game, if a GM sees you advertising another byond game you will be banned.
9- If we find out you are advertising on different byond games you will be banned.
10- No firing ki attacks at the entrance/exit to the safe zone.
11- Do not capitalize whole words or you will be muted once. If you do it 3 times in one day you will be muted for 24 hrs.
12- English only in OOC.
13- Don't act like an admin yourself, the admins are here for a reason. If you act like one, you will be subject to the same punishment.
14- No spam of any kind in OOC. Spam such as repeating the same letter, doing the same faces, spam killing someone/yourself, etc.
15- If an Admin asks you to do something, just do it. Don't argue.
16- Do not provoke other players into doing something that is against the rules. You will be given the same punishment they received.

Admin Rules:

All Admins MUST read this in its entirity. Ignorance of its contents is no excuse for violating the acceptable conduct for an admin

The position of administrator is not a priveledge, but a responsibility. Obviously certain perks are given to contributors to the game, such as icon makers, but that is not why you are given admin. The administrative position is not meant to be abused for personal gain, nor used in situations where personal agendas interfear with unbiased judgement. A good admin is able to make a fair decision regardless of personal opinion on a matter, and personal prejudice should not be a factor when deciding a punishment. For example: A person argueing with an admin over AIM, MSN, or some other OUT OF GAME form of communication is in absolutely NO WAY punishable. If you don't like them talking to you, block them, deal with it outside of the game, not inside. As for arguements and annoyances in game, there is a reason the Ignore verb was created, use it, not your admin powers. Players being abnormally irritating to yourselves and others should not be punished with a mute, boot, or otherwise, seeing as all players have access to the ignore button, just remind the players to use it. If a player spams, avoids the filter, or does anything in the list of unaccaptable behaviors, THEN admin powers come into play. Just because a player is your friend doesn't mean you are allowed to be more lenient with your powers towards them, if they break the rules, they go. That also means people whom you may hate more than anything else cannot be treated any differently (when speaking of your admin powers) than your best friend. The ability to be unbaised is an absolutely necessary trait to be an admin.

As for administrative conduct, editing yourself for personal gain is not tolerated. Editing other players without a justifyable reason is also not tolerated. You can NOT give your friends zenni/pl boosts, or other sorts of advantages, nor yourself. Remember, every single administrative action you take is recorded in the admin logs, which can be read by any admin, but only deleted by Dman. That means there is always a way to check up on what you do, and lying to Dman will not be tolerated anyway. Respect and honor are major issues in our staff, if you give a reason for us to believe you are not worth respecting, or are not honorable, then theres a likely chance that you will not be part of our administrative team for any extended period of time.

Unacceptable Actions for a Player:
Spamming (Whisper, Say, OOC, Any Other Forms Of Spamming)
Racism (Any racist comments result in ONE warning, past that administrative action should be taken at the admin's disgression)
Sexism (Same policy as racism)
Filter Avoiding
Harassment (Continued attempts at contacting a player avoiding Ignore, repeatedly killing one player (Over 10 times in a short period of time))
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Player and GM Rules
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